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A figure of speech meaning parts referring to a whole. "Synecdoche" is a series created using multiple images to represent the complexities of human emotion. Incorporating elements of water and geometry to express this often complicated nature of the human experiences and how we are able (or unable) to flow like water through it to preserve mental serenity. To preserve the light within us. With the exception of extreme circumstances, we are capable of feeling multiple emotions at once, often conflicting with one another. Depressed, but hopeful. Content, but worried. Happy, but frustrated. How are we able to navigate through life with these complexities? Do we suppress or act on the dominant emotion? Do we wear masks? Or do we pause, acknowledge them, and let them pass?


Synecdoche is a body of work that represents the range of dominant emotions I had over a course of an hour on July 7th 2020 and the complexities within them.


Each piece is printed on fine art satin canvas with HP latex inks that are 100+ year archival rated and hand stretched on 1.5 inch gallery pine stretcher bars. 


  • Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Allow additional production/delivery time as limited editions are printed on demand & require signature from the artist.




"Worth" (2020)