Each piece is printed on fine art satin canvas with HP latex inks that are 100+ year archival rated and hand stretched on 1.5 inch gallery pine stretcher bars. 


  • Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Allow additional production/delivery time as limited editions are printed on demand & require signature from the artist.


On the corner is a beauty I never witnessed in suburbia.
Transfixed vibrations 
lacking behind white picked fences.
My senses on fire.
Alive & Wired,
With an energy so woke it took me higher.
Hard to breath in sometimes.

Never forgot my first corner.
Burnside & Jerome.
The 4 at Six.
Redding & Cooke on the box remixed.
A fox among lions. 
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't afraid,
But I stayed
And found myself flying.

Looking down to see despair
I grounded
And took care.
No Macklemore shit,
Just being aware.

Flushing & Broadway
Where I learned the hard way
A King in BK telling me the sun doesn't shine everyday.

Throop & Bartlett 
Where education, art & my heart met.
I was set.
Ready to find balance 
It was kismet.

119th & 1st was a first.
Alone in the dark
Had to search within to see
How to make my mark.

108 & 2nd
A universal beckon
From a beacon
Showing me a light to envision.
I see her.
On this sacred street
We are forever one.

I'm not from the corner
But I respect it.
Never claimed to know 
Because I've only learned from it.
Been affected
Reflected and fact checked by it.
Want to give back,
Not take from,
Neighborhoods that helped me become.

"On The Corner" (2013)