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Each piece is printed on fine art satin canvas with HP latex inks that are 100+ year archival rated and hand stretched on 1.5 inch gallery pine stretcher bars. 


  • Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Allow additional production/delivery time as limited editions are printed on demand & require signature from the artist.


85% are dumb, deaf and blind to the 85% of DNA discarded by our creator.
Turned off like a switch. 
Unable to see the Almighty has been etched in our genome since Sumer. 
We use the remainder of our intelligence trying to obtain 15 karats,
Ignorant of our gold incarnate.

Awaiting the great awakening.
Enslaved by our fathers’ outdated ideals,
We hurt one another, 
Crook, Flail and Staff,
To gain imagined self importance
Non existent in the theory of everything.
Eighty six the gene creating greed,
And take heed to the mass of hate,
Referenced throughout an age of patriarchy, 
Seen by the present as only a gift for some.

Mother Earth has been showing us the potential of our zenith,
But we can only see at face value.
Using 5 senses to navigate when 366 are needed.
It seems our Third Eye has conjunctivitis 
From all of the shit used to defecate truth.

The dawn of bronze is upon.
The beginning of the end for the Almighty.
Children of indigo live on royal shores,
Skipping Dogon stones to create the ripple,
Re-awakening dragons.

Consciousness and equality will be the new black
And there will be no way to monetize us,
For we will be free. 

"Face Value" (2016)

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