Each piece is printed on fine art satin canvas with HP latex inks that are 100+ year archival rated and hand stretched on 1.5 inch gallery pine stretcher bars. 


  • Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Allow additional production/delivery time as limited editions are printed on demand & require signature from the artist.


In this piece the moon is melting over the Earth and the woman wearing Saturn as a hat is playing the harmonium. What this all means, to be honest, I’m not entirely sure yet. But there is a curiosity I feel when looking at this piece. A curiosity of what happens when our final song comes to a close. Is it a new plain of existence or lights out & curtain closed. I don’t think there is anything sad or frightening about either belief if you feel you’ve done your best to live while you were experiencing whatever this is. The Egg by Andrew Wier always comes to mind when I have these moments of existentialism. It’s a 10 minute read, I suggest you check it out.

"Coda (Exit Music)" (2018)