Photography For Social Change Welcomes Fighting For Futures

by JT on January 20, 2012

Photography For Social Change would like to welcome the newest member of the team, Fighting For Futures.  This organization, founded by Felecia Cruz and Tammy Warner, started with a backpacking trip to Cambodia in January of 2009.  There they met a 12 year old named Chanty, who sold books in the streets of Cambodia, making an average of $20 a week and working more hours then going to school.  A friendship was quickly formed.  Upon their return to the states Felecia and Tammy began to discuss the lack of educational opportunities for Chanty and a month later founded FFF.  Over a six month period they held fundraisers, using the arts, to support Chanty and by July 2009 they had raised enough money to place Chanty in a school.

Fighting For Futures continued to make an impact on education 5 months later when they renovated the Krang Thmey Village’s learning center, a space in desperate need of repairs.  After its opening, students were provided the opportunity to take photography classes participate in other forms of creative expression.

Fighting For Futures has continued its mission of using the arts for social change by producing two musical projects, the Worldwide Mixtape and Fighting For Futures For the Love.  Most recently they have officially partnered with the Bring It Back Tour. Fighting For Futures artist Adrienne Mack-Davis has just returned off a 2 month tour as a featured artist on the Bring It Back Stage at the 2011 Van’s Warped Tour.  During this tour, Fighting For Futures was also able to offer photography workshops in 5 different cities.

I am honored to have FFF on board with Photography For Social Change.  They are a testament to creating change through action.  You can find them at  All of my Abstract photos will have 25% of the proceeds going to this wonderful organization.

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