PFSC Accepted Into “The Dough Show” Gallery Exhibit

by JT on February 11, 2012

Photo by J.T. Liss Photography For Social Change – “Vivrant Thing”

A last minute tweet by World Up gave me the opportunity to look into this gallery exhibit called “The Dough Show.”  At first glance, it was an unorthodox name for an exhibit until I noticed the stamp of J Dilla next to it.  Considered by many to be one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time, he gained recognition in the Hip Hop community for producing tracks like “Runnin” by The Pharcyde and Common’s “The Light.”  Sadly in 2006, 3 days after the release of his final album “Donuts,”  J Dilla died of cardiac arrest due to complications with TTP.

J Dilla not only left behind countless tracks that have helped nurture my love for Hip Hop, but also a legacy that will positively affect our nation’s inner city youth for generations to come.  In May 2006, the J Dilla Foundation was established by his mother Maureen Yancey to help provide funding for inner-city music programs and scholarships to students attending schools that have progressive music curricula.

“One of the things he wanted me to do with his legacy was to use it to help others… kids who were musically gifted but had little hope due to poverty.  It is the foundation’s hope that by funding and encouraging such progressive music curricula, young prodigies, and music enthusiast alike will have the tools and support they need to flourish and become successful within the entertainment industry.  The J Dilla Foundation seeks to be a staple in the movement for progressive music education.  We also hope to be leaders in the efforts to enhance and develop arts programs in urban communities.”  

Maureen Yancey


The photo above titled “Vivrant Thing”” is a Q-Tip track produced by J Dilla.  Vivrant is a combination of vibrant and vivacious, both words representing energy, spirit,  and liveliness, something that is evoked in anything he produced.  An abstract image of a b-boy in NYC represents the circular connection of life (birth, childhood, adulthood, death) and Hip-Hop (MCing, DJing, B-boying, and Graffiti art).

I am honored to be a part of “The Dough Show” in the 6th annual “Donuts Are Forever” event to celebrate the life of J Dilla and benefit Donuts Are Forever, a tribute to one of Hip Hop’s finest.  Come join us on February 18th at Fresthetic in Brooklyn for the first ever art exhibit for DOF.  All pieces of art are being auctioned off with 100% of the proceeds going to the Donuts Are Forever Scholarship Fund.   Also be sure to get your tickets for the February 19th main event at Brooklyn Bowl.

For more information on Donuts are Forever (A tribute to J Dilla)

To inquire about ways to get involved with the J Dilla Foundation email



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