“Jesus and the Marlboro Man”

by JT on February 13, 2013

Up In Smoke Cross.jpg (2)

I stand before you,
Body hung so crucifyingly.
Exhaling the smoke,
That will be the final breath of me.

We never believed in each other.
Could be why I am here,
Could be the fear.
I lived on my own terms
Now I’m finding difficulty coming to them.

Youth gave me wings,
That have since frayed.
Death now sings
The toll must be payed.

I take a drag.
Remember this moment,
This sweet honest moment.
It is so hard to hold,
When you are trying to make atonement.

I saw you everywhere today.
You finally have my attention.
Is it time for my ascension?
Seems I deserve it.
Just one more hit.
It’s too late to pray.

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