J.T. Liss Photography Solo Exhibit – “Switch” on June 1st

by JT on May 15, 2012

Every 29.5 years Saturn returns to the same point in orbit as when you were born.  This can be a period of tremendous change… the universe’s way of saying “Wake the f@#% up!”  Its sobering realities on your place in the world can take you to the dark abyss of yourself, blinding your vision with self doubt and pity.  However within this darkness the light is always there.  You may just have to rid yourself of the old way of seeing things and begin to explore with a “new set of eyes.”

At 28 my Saturn returned and everything changed.   A switched turned on within me.  I began to create and things started to happen.

At 29 J.T. Liss Photography For Social Change was created as a way to merge my love for helping others with my new found passion for photography.  The switch continued to turn as I resigned from teaching to pursue this passion.  I leapt….

As I reach my 30th birthday (June 2nd) I want to cordially invite you to my 1st official solo exhibit titled “Switch” on June 1st at Jade Eatery and Lounge in Forrest Hills, Queens, NYC.   A total of 15 works timelining the past two years of my life will be on display, as well as food and drink specials throughout the evening.


Would love to see you there,



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