J.T. Liss & Angie LM Vasquez Collaborate For Good

by JT on September 13, 2015

Angie Collage


Angie LM Vasquez is a talented photographer and selfless human being. Many of us in the art community see her every night at gallery openings and artist events all across the city. She never asks for money for taking photos of us because she just loves to document. And let’s be honest, some of us as artists, would not have any proper photographs from our events if it wasn’t for her.

Angie and I developed a strong friendship over the past couple of years from meeting at these events and from her attending my openings, again shooting for free and refusing money when I offered to pay her. As a fellow photographic artist I understand how sometimes we are expected to bring our camera everywhere and take photos because “That’s what we do right?” With Angie it’s different. She enjoys the process, learns from the process and has taken these opportunities to develop her craft.

I know most of us in the art community respect and truly appreciate her and what she does. Many of us have become friends with her because of the kind person that she is. Angie is having a difficult time right now. She has always given to us, so now is the time to give back to her.

The 4 images above are a collaboration between Angie’s photos of the Afropunk Fest and my post editing process. Each piece is available for sale with multiple size options. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Angie’s hospital bills.

If you do not want artwork you can donate directly to Angie here

* An issue with coding occurred and anytime you check out it will say you are purchasing “Lenny Kravitz #1” (even if you chose a different image). Please put the title of the piece you are purchasing in your description at check out so I know or email me at jtlissphotography@gmail.com with any questions. I will follow up with an email of my own to confirm everything. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Lenny Kravitz Web Image II


Lenny Kravitz #1 Sizes


Lenny Kravitz Web Image

Lenny Kravitz #2 Sizes


Kimberly Nichole Web Image


Kimberly Nichole Sizes



Singer Vintage Trouble Web Image




Vintage Trouble Sizes



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