J.T. Liss & Farouk A. Bseiso Memorial Fund Collaborate to Raise Awareness and Help Others

by JT on October 14, 2014

Farouk pic 3

Photo by Jessi Hagood

Farouk was one of the great ones, a dreamer who made it. A professional soccer player in Europe, hip hop artist, poet and advocate among many other things. A Renaissance man for our modern day. Sadly we lost him over the summer and everyone who knew him still carries the grief and unanswered questions. However if we can find a silver lining in all of this it’s how much he inspires us daily with all he did during his brief time here on Earth. A man who lived without fear and just went for it.  A two-time high school state champion and all-state selection in North Carolina, captain of the Division I NC State Wolfpack soccer team,  and professional soccer player for FC Espoo & Viikingit in Finland. And despite his speech impediment he became a hip hop artist under the name Say$o and spoken word artist for the infamous NC State Cypher community.

Farouk is still a star in the night sky and we carry him with us in everything we do. When we are tired or lazy he motivates us, when we are doubting ourselves he lifts us, and when we reach our dreams he’s right there celebrating. So you see Farouk can never be gone, because he is a legend and legends never die.

Personally, Farouk inspired me so much that I wanted dedicated this piece of art in his name and use the proceeds to help in what he was passionate about. “Pandora” (below) is a multi-layered photographic art composition that tells the story of the first woman in Greek Mythology who was given the characteristics of curiosity and fearlessness, which led to the opening of Pandora’s Box and downfall of mankind. However, I feel curiosity and fearlessness are virtues that have led to some of the greatest achievements in the human race. The opposite of those virtues, normality and cowardice, can lead to an enslaved mentality disguised as contentment. My hope is that you open the box and find your truth. Become your dream and see your world without fear as Farouk did.

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50% of sales from “Pandora will go directly to the Farouk A. Bseiso Memorial Fund started by Farouk’s family. The memorial fund raises money to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth who would like to attend Farouk’s high school alma mater, St David’s School in Raleigh, but lack the finances to do so. The fund also raises awareness about carbon monoxide poisoning and how we can prevent future tragedies from happening.

All purchases of “Pandora” come signed with the story behind the artwork, a certificate of authenticity and a letter from The Farouk A. Bseiso Memorial Fund thanking you and explaining how your generous donation is going to help.

“Pandora” Sizes


I leave you with a piece of his genius

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