Every Picture Tells A Story: “Untitled” (Denver, CO)

by admin on November 14, 2011


In June of this year I had the opportunity to visit Fantasia Colorado for a yoga festival in Boulder. I am still very new to yoga, but because of my dear friends at YogaDork I have had the chance to be immersed in this practice and all of the wonderful adventures that have come with it. Boulder was a very beautiful and friendly city, complete with the rocky mountains, friendly people, bicycles, and cafes that served this lovely caffeinated drink called Bhakti Chai (rumored to also be the official rocket fuel of NASA).

It was my first time in the land of the Western Painted Turtle so I wanted to capture unique images of this beautiful place. I am no Ansel Adams, so the landscape aspect didn’t appeal to me as much. It wasn’t until days later that I saw something that struck my interest.

I was in Denver, several hours before my flight and hadn’t captured a thing worth showing anyone. As my friends were going to take a yoga class before the flight, I decided to pass, opting to see if there was something, anything, to at least prove I was in Fantasia Colorado for a weekend. Several minutes before I had driven by an interesting sculpture of sorts in an abandoned parking lot. It was a car sticking vertically out of the ground. I had never seen anything like it before.

After a little exploring I came across it again and took some photos from a distance.  As I came closer I noticed a puddle underneath the car. I then began shooting the reflection of the car in the puddle. Looking through the viewfinder it now appeared the car was falling out of the sky. With small gusts of wind creating ripples in the puddle, it began to distort the image of the car even more, giving me an idea. What if I threw a pebble in the water? What would the image look like then? It started with several pebbles just for the shear joy I received from the “bloop” sound, then just one in the middle of the vehicle. By throwing the pebble directly in the middle of the car and waiting for the ripples to expand it looked like the vehicle was now going through a portal to another time, even dimension . This statue of a vehicle now became an abstract image for the imagination to run wild. At least mine.

“Untitled” (Denver, CO) was recently featured in Greenpoint Gallery’s “Peoples’ Choice Awards.” 25% of the proceeds from this photo goes to the charity of your choice.

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