Every Picture Tells A Story: “Strung Out”

by JT on July 18, 2012

They say keep your nose to the ground,

Good things will come.

This I hold true,

But today I go to extremes,

 An ostrich in the sand

Searching for the lion to hunt my doubts.

The duality of wanting everything and nothing in the same moment.

I Am Strung Out.

The notes are coming together.

Having difficulty with the chords,

So I master my arpeggio.

I was never one to do things the easy way.

Without notice

The world has spun a complete rotation.

I no longer know what day it is,

Or who I am.

I read the Rum Diary

To keep me intoxicated

And listen to the

Psychedelic Furs

To prevent me from going insane.

I want the ordinary so badly

but I crave the extraordinary

even more.

My duality.

I Am Strung Out.

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