Every Picture Tells A Story: “Om”

by JT on November 9, 2011

All day I walked by this street in Seattle, Washington.  No matter where I explored, I found myself returning to this wall.  There was something so unique about it.  An array of images.  Some freshly stapled, while others beginning to re-emerge through the mist of the Pacific Northwest.  Like the top left corner, for instance, where you see Muhammad Ali peaking through Atomic Bride’s “doomsday performance”.  Such an iconic image that one cannot help but  picture him standing over Sonny Liston, knocking him out with the infamous “Phantom Punch.”   Or the top right corner next to the bell telling you to get to class you will see a horse with the quote “No distance is too far” underneath,  a phrase that resonated deep within while on this trip.

So  for 45 minutes  I sat there waiting  across the street.  The backdrop itself could  have been good enough on its own, but I felt something interesting was going to occur.  With a setting like this it had to.  An elderly couple, whom I pegged to be tourists simply because of the mans  tube socks, came up and viewed the random  images.  A skateboarder coasted across.  A man reading a book read his book.  Another couple asked the man reading his book for directions.  He kindly pointed them on their way and directed his own eyes back into imagination.  The subject of the photo appeared off towards the right  riding his bike across the wall so  I started snapping.  In a magical moment I will never forget, he decided to “pop a wheelie.”   He never hinted in anyway that he saw me sitting on the curb as I was trying to be  discrete.  Just a moment between two strangers.

It wasn’t until I enlarged the photo and printed it out for the first time that I knew what to title it.  As I looked at the image before me, I began to see all of the smaller stories within the “big picture.”  All of the bands posting their ads, hoping for a break, but still living the dream of rockstars,  the street artists displaying work, and in the top center of the image, the “Om.”  The Om being the sound of all things, the oneness of all things.  There was my title.  The photo represents a visual Om.  The oneness of all things seen, with the kid on the bike representing the balance of life.

Purchases  of “Om”  help raise funds for  Off the Mat, Into the World.  “Om” was featured in Greenpoint Gallery’s “Peoples’ Choice Awards” Exhibit in October, 2011.


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