Every Picture Tells A Story: “Missed Connection”

by JT on November 22, 2011

Taken through a garbage can to represent the feeling one has after a missed opportunity of any kind.  We have all been through it.  That moment where we hesitate too long, over analyze too much, and before we know it our window is closed.  We often try to reassure ourselves that  “it wasn’t meant to be” or that “the timing wasn’t right,” but all the while having that little voice inside our heads whispering “What if?”

The photo itself hints at a situation of a man wanting to speak to a woman.  Neglecting to do so in time, she walks by him as he goes unnoticed.  What might have happened if he just said hello?  A friendly conversation?  The love of a lifetime?  Rejection?   All scenarios could have occurred.  That is the frightening part of it.  The unknown that lies before us.  Whatever might have played out in this hypothetical situation, there would have been an answer, a lesson, a sense of empowerment regardless of the outcome.  Anything but the regret of a lost moment.

The unknown always tends to instill fear within us because we tend to think of the worst.  Our minds tricking us into believing what isn’t real.  “Missed Connection” is a reminder to seize every opportunity you can in life.  Something will happen.  You may not particularly enjoy the result, but you will always learn from it.  You will grow.

Of course there is always the alternative…..

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