Every Picture Tells A Story: “Illusion of Fear”

by JT on February 26, 2012

I remember walking down any street late at night.  Whenever I am by myself at that hour my senses are heightened, my head on a swivel, ready for anything.  Thoughts begin to creep into my mind, scenarios of “what would I do if…?”  I even begin to replay old horror movies that scared the hell out of me when I was younger, and those who know me well can attest to a certain song that enters my psyche.

As I continue to walk, the heightened state remains, but illusions begin to dissolve.  I’m not saying I couldn’t be struck by a car, mugged, or even murdered by flesh eating zombies that break out into synchronized dance before consuming my brain, but the reality, is that our minds create these illusions based off of our experience.

It’s natural that we do this.  We develop fear based on what our minds retain and the sensory feeling that goes along with it.  All of our fears are different, but the same because they revolve around loss.  This memory of loss then allows our mind to flux between the past and future.  “Why did I have to lose…?” or “What would I do if I ever lost…?”   The fact is, life would go on and in all but one case, we would move right along with it.

The past and the future are nice places to visit at times, but they are not reality.  The past has already happened, so there is no way to relive it in the physical sense and the future is a complete fantasy world full of desires.   Desire (future) is simply a brief thought or moment of happiness that masks pain (past).  If a desire is met, it will satisfy you for a little while, but ultimately pain will come back into the picture and you will be searching for desire once again.  I feel that pain and desire (pleasure) are related.  Pain leads to the desire for pleasure and pleasure leads to pain.  This on-going circle of false reality can be a dangerous place to be.  This is where our fear can begin to take over, severely hindering our growth as human beings and keeping us in a state of purgatory until we die, never really doing anything with the life we were given.

Ah onto death, the ultimate fear.  Why are we afraid to die?  Religious beliefs aside, no one truly knows what happens after we take our last breath.   Where does our spirit go?  Is it just lights out?  Any idea or belief we have can be true and I am not here to state what is or what isn’t.  I am here to say that I feel death should be embraced.  It is reality.  The only thing that we know is going to happen.   It’s interesting to me because we all know we are going to die, but it’s the one thing that prohibits so many from living.  “Oh I can’t do that.  What if I…?    I feel that by fearing death one prevents true life in its most beautiful form.

The photo above represents this illusion of fear that many of us have.  The tree is reality.  It is life and provides us with life.  The shadow is illusion, distorting the image of our own reality, our truth.  For those who are able to see the shadow for what it is (a deception of the mind) can truly be free and live a life of pure happiness, free from attachment…Free from fear.

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