Every Picture Tells A Story: “Hate”

by JT on May 11, 2012


Two men have been shackled in a cage since the beginning of time.  Hate has kept them here with his deception, pulling on their stings like a puppet master, as he enjoys his creation.

“You are my enemy because I fear what is different from myself.”  One declares to other.

“You are my enemy because your fear has caused me much pain.”  Other declares to one.

Love sits in the audience silently, patiently waiting for her grand entrance.  If they would just look at each other and see for the first time that they are not different, but the same, a key would drop down from the heavens, releasing them from their imprisonment of fear and pain… allowing for love to make her powerful debut into their hearts….But it never comes.

So there they remain….and there love continues to wait…..as hate continues to unfold his work of art.

Stop the hate,


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