Every Picture Tells A Story: “Far Behind”

by JT on November 18, 2011














“Far Behind” is a look at how our minds tend to focus on and attach to past events.  Our minds are always going to the past.  Holding on to events and times in our life that are no longer real.  Playing over the “What If ‘s…The should have been’s.”  Even recreating the past, wondering how it could have changed our present situation.

Looking at both images you can see there are two subjects in each.  One in the foreground and one in the distant background.  If one of the subjects represents the past, which subject is it?  The one in the background, in the past, allowing for your continued growth forward?  Or is it the subject in the foreground, much larger and dominant, representing the person who is “living in the past?”

I believe many times it is both.  Our minds are very clever.  They like to trick us and take us places that are not real.  To events that have already occurred and can never be recreated, or places that don’t even exist yet.  We go there often for a number of reasons.  Nostalgia, to dream of better days, we could go on.  However, is anything physically accomplished during this time?  Not really.  Great ideas can be conjured up, resolutions can be made, and goals can be set, but only in the present moment can we truly make things happen.

“Far Behind” reminds us that we are human and have the tendency to gravitate towards what isn’t real, but we should not let it dominate our lives.  A friend once told me “You are exactly where you need to be.”  The past has led us to where we are now.  Good times and bad.  So experience the present, more importantly, be in it because it is beauty.  It is truth.  It is where you can “become your dream”  instead of just dreaming it away.

“Far Behind” I and II will be featured to support The Wild Woman Project this Saturday night.  25% of the proceeds from these photos go to the charity of your choice.

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