Artist Statement:

My art is a series of multi-layered photographic works. The focus on each individual piece is to tell a story of the human experience from different perspectives. Through explanations, historical commentary on social issues and poetry I am able to create an environment where the person viewing the work may learn something they may have not previously known or connect to a piece visually and through the writing that accompanies it. My hope is that if a person has a new thought, even for the briefest of moments, then change has a chance. And in seeing my work we can begin a dialogue and change, within both of us, can occur. Much of the work possesses hidden imagery containing metaphorical meaning of my experiences in life, but also the experiences I have witnessed mainly in the neighborhoods of East Harlem, Harlem, and the Bronx. It is meant to inspire, but also to serve as a reminder to wake up from a robotic existence we tend to fall into. With the constant growth of technology, combined with our idea of what the “American Dream” is we forget to live in the present. And by being present we become aware. Aware of injustice & inequality. Aware of how our presence affects others. My work forces you to look closer, to see all of the images (Up to 18 photos in one piece at times). Hopefully when you are finished viewing my art, you are able to look a little closer at what is around you in your own life.